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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:California, United States of America

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about me

I am a 29 year-old music teacher (who is actually going through a career crisis thanks to music not being a priority in my state), with a rat terrier who is the comic relief of my life. And no, he is NOT a min pin. :P

I enjoy working on graphics and playing Wii in my spare time, when I have any. I also do a little bit of fanfiction writing, but I've only just started in that venture. You can find my current stories on FatedMates (where my lovely friends allow me to post) and

That's all for now. If you'd like to be friends, make sure we have something in common, and/or at least be over 18. :D

Everything else is gravy.
fandoms and ships

fandoms: NCIS, Bones, CSI, X-Files, CSI
ships: [NCIS] Gabby (my current #1 obsession), Giva (a very close 2nd), Tibbs (Bree's fault), Tabby, Tiva; [Bones] Booth/Brennan (just too awesome for words :P); X-Files (the original ship)


Though I don't post a lot at my graphics journal, [profile] rever_icons, I do a lot of work for graphics competitions and fanfic authors. For examples of my stuff, you can go to my graphics journal,, :D

links and such

&Rever Icons
&Fated Mates

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header, user info banner and most of the graphics made by me;
if not by me, much credit to be had.

Interests (128):

a life less ordinary, abby sciuto, alternative music, american in paris, ancient greece, angelina jolie, anthony dinozzo, anthropology, archaelogy, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, bones, books, booth, booth/brennan, breakfast at tiffany's, bringing up baby, camille, cary grant, celtic music, christian slater, christopher reeve, clan macfarlane, classical films, classical music, cold case, csi, csi ny, david boreanz, david duchovny, dinozzo, donald mallard, ducky, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, folk music, football, foreign films, forensic science, forensics, fox, frank sinatra, gabby, gaelic, gavin degraw, gene kelly, gibbs, gibbs/abby, gibbs/abby/tony, gibbs/abby/ziva, gibbs/tony, gibbs/ziva, gillian anderson, giva, goddess, greek myth, greta garbo, guinevere, guys and dolls, harpo marx, harry connick jr., harry potter, house, ink, ireland, italy, jake gyllenhaal, jazz, jimmy palmer, john wayne, karate, katherine hepburn, kiera knightley, kilts, king arthur, leroy jethro gibbs, lj gibbs, macgyver, mark harmon, martial arts, marx brothers, maureen o'hara, mcgee, michael weatherly, moulin rouge, movies, music, music therapy, musicals, mythology, ncis, new england patriots, new york city, nicole kidman, obi-wan kenobi, palmer, paris, pauley perrette, ragland road, reading, richard dean anderson, scotland, scrubs, sean connery, sean murray, shou shu, shou' shu', star wars, superman, tabby, tattoo, tattoos, the daily show, the quiet man, tibbs, tiffany's, tim mcgee, tiva, tony dinozzo, travel, twilight, u2, wii, without a trace, x-files, zibbs, ziva david
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