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Title: Black Orchid
Author: Victoria ([ profile] starshines)
Genre: Het
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Last Man Standing, this actually occurs post LMS
Summary: Someone's out for Ziva. Will Gibbs be able to find out who before its too late to save Ziva?
Warnings: Reference to rape and torture, steamy love scene
Disclaimer: NCIS, all characters belong to the big D.B. Though I might wish otherwise...
Feedback: Yes, please! Love constructive criticism, just be nice. It's my first.
Special thanks and love to Bree for the beta!

Chapters: Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Epilogue

Chapter 11

With McGee calling out directions from the back seat, Gibbs gunned his Charger through the crowded Washington streets, ignoring the horns blaring as an accompaniment to his driving. He had one goal: to get to the girls before it was too late. Nothing else mattered.

Next to him, he could hear his senior agent getting a lawyer to have a warrant signed, then blasting out instructions to other agents who would serve as backup once they reached the warehouse. He would trust his agents to finish the details, get everything legal. Because once they got there, he’d have his gun drawn, busting through any object in his way, not caring if his actions were legal.


The door creaked loudly in the silent room, echoing off the dark walls. His eyes gleamed in pleasure as he saw the momentary hope die out of Abby’s eyes. If he had to choose, he would say the dying of hope was his favorite part when he picked his treasures. Yes, the playing was fun, the exploration, the fight, the struggle. But watching the hope slowly spill out of them almost in imitation of their blood, that was his truest pleasure.

And when he saw that Abby’s hope was not so easily hidden, Raub felt his groin tighten. He had a good suspicion that this one would be as pleasurable as breaking as Ziva had been. They had the same spirit, though the fight would be different.

He cast a brief glance at his previous treasure, a look of disgust passing across his face. There was no more fight in her, nothing more to be gained. She was broken. But he still had some fondness for her; she had brought him Abby after all.

Taking out his case, he passed all his favorite contraptions and machinery. This one deserved his up close and personal attention. Putting the case on the sideboard next to the bed, Raub let his hand travel up her bare leg to the edge of her skirt.

“Hello, Abigail.”


When he entered the room, Abby had a fleeting hope that Gibbs was storming in. But when Raub’s pale, ugly face came through the door, Abby felt her body deflate, until she saw the look on his face. Then she froze.

Panic overwhelmed her when she realized that it was time, that he was going to start on her now. Even though she had promised not to fight, not to give him that pleasure, survival over took her best intentions and she began struggling against her bindings.

No longer looking to Ziva for help, Abby knew somehow she had to rely on herself to get out of this. But no amount of forensic training was going to help her now. Now it was time for Gibbs’ favorite to think of something more practical, more MacGyver-like to get out. But with Raub’s hand on her skin, no thoughts, no plans, were coming to mind.

The only thing going through her mind was a long and endless scream.


She fought to keep her consciousness down, to keep herself hidden. Since Raub had taken her from Gibbs’ house, Ziva had struggled to prevent him from seeing that he had not broken her, not completely. If he knew she still had fight left in her, still had something to live for, he would have killed her then. But she had to live, to live and save Abby. Ziva could not risk even Abby knowing, in case she showed hope. Hope was what drove Raub, and she would not allow Abby to be hurt.

And she had something to live for; Gibbs had seen to that. She had to live, to fight and live so that the two of them, Ziva and Abby, could return. Even if after all had come to light, everything that had been done to her, and Gibbs no longer wanted her, she would still see Abby returned to him. She owed him that much.

Thinking of Gibbs had the sane parts of her mind threatening to explode to the surface. Shoving them back down, she cast a quick, furtive glance at Raub’s progress on the floor. When she looked at Abby’s face, Ziva had to fight the urge to attack right then. She had to wait, to wait for him to be so absorbed that he would not notice Ziva’s movements. Otherwise, the gun that was always near him would be used to end them both.


Following the continued directions McGee was yelling from the backseat, Gibbs sped through the D.C. streets, dodging in and out of traffic, reminding them painfully of the way Ziva drove. Rarely stepping on the brakes, his mind never lost focus. He couldn’t allow a lapse in his concentration now. All of his attention had to be on this next mission. Failure was not allowed.

As Tony held on for dear life, having had confirmation that another agent would meet them at the warehouse with the warrant, Tim was in the backseat on his phone, digging up any possible information on Raub or the location they were headed.

“Boss, it looks like Raub had modifications done on the building, adding a basement.” Forwarding the blueprints to Tony’s cell so that the other agent would have an idea of the layout of the building they were about to enter, McGee continued. “My guess would be that he has them there.”

“Your guess, McGee?” Gibbs’ voiced growled out.

“Uh…yeah,” Tim stammered out. “It would provide security since he could monitor both the aboveground activity and the below ground entrance. Nothing suspicious could be seen from the outside through open windows or doors. And…” he hated to say the next part, but Gibbs always demanded his agents be thorough. “And no one would be able to hear…to hear,” but no amount of training or demands could make Tim finish with “to hear them scream.”

Only his unspoken words echoed hollowly in the Charger, as Gibbs’ knuckles on the steering wheel went white and the car suddenly jumped forward in burst of acceleration.


She could hear his voice, the grating sound of evil over nails, as he whispered words to Abby, disgusting images, depraved acts, all that he was going to do to her. It was getting harder and harder for Ziva to hold back, for her to pretend insane indifference.

But she had to! Digging her nails into her palms, Ziva needed to focus herself, to find her center, for that one moment she would have the chance to save Abby. The longer she heard Raub speak, the less she sought to ensure her own survival.

His words were a new torture to Ziva, as they brought back her memories, the hours of endless torture, the never-ending pain, her eternal shame that she could not fight back or resist. As her captivity came flooding back, she no longer felt worthy of being saved; what he did to her changed her, made her less than herself. Knowing what she now remembered, Ziva did not know how she could face those she loved, those who had become her family.

Pressed against the wall, she crouched there, waiting to strike. A tear streaked down her face at the absolute terror on her friend’s face. There was nothing she could do to ease it, nothing she could do until the end.

Ziva watched as Raub pulled down the gag. She knew he needed to hear the sounds Abby was making. Tears pouring down her face, Ziva saw him take out a knife and start to play along Abby’s cheek with it. Ziva knew what he was planning, what his next step was going to be. And the whimpers coming from Abby broke Ziva’s heart.

And in the end, that was the moment she was waiting for.

Bursting from her crouched position on the floor, Ziva charged across the room, grabbing a glinting object from a nearby table, screaming out in all the pain and agony he had forced inside of her. In that moment, she saw Raub turn around in shock as he grabbed for his gun. He had believed her to be gone in spirit, a shell. More the fool he.

She let loose the object in her hand, an instant before the sound of a shot rang out against the cold, metal walls.


The agents had just burst down the door to the warehouse, clearing the upstairs rooms, when the echoing sound of a shot sliced through the cold air.

Leaving protocol behind, Gibbs sprinted across the floor, DiNozzo and McGee flanking him on either side. With guns drawn, they pursued their boss, intent on not only rescuing Ziva and Abby, but also protecting Gibbs from charging into a situation that would end up killing them all.

Jumping down the stairs to the bottom floor, the stopped for a brief instant, hearing a keening sound coming from the other side. Kicking the door open, Gibbs charged into the room, ignoring his agents’ whispered warnings for caution. Running through the door, he stopped only a few feet inside, his gun arm dropping to his side.

For a moment, he was frozen, long enough to process Abby crying and tied up on the bed and the bastard he had sworn to kill on the floor with a knife protruding from his chest. But what froze his heart was the sight of Ziva on the floor, blood pooling down her shirt, eyes closed.

Rushing to her side, he dropped to the floor, seeing Tony run to Abby’s side and McGee on the phone calling for the medics for an officer down and checking to make sure Raub was dead.

“Ziva,” Gibbs’ voice was an agonizing whisper. “Ziva, no.” Putting his hand underneath her head, he put his other hand on her wound, trying to stop the bleeding. “Ziva, please,” Gibbs blurted out. “Don’t you do this to me, to the team. Don’t you leave me.”

He watched as her eyes fluttered open to look at him uncertain. “Gibbs?” she asked confused. Ziva smiled a bit when she recognized him, “Gibbs. Always with the orders. Always with the rules. Abby? Is Abby all right?”

He returned her smile with a pained one of his own. “Abbs is fine, Ziva. You saw to that. Tony’s freeing her now. “

“Good,” she whispered, her voice getting weaker.

“Where’s the goddamn medic?” Gibbs yelled. He looked back down at her, seeing her skin grow paler as her body began giving out. She didn’t have the strength she normally possessed, the strength to fight the wound. Ziva was fading and fast. God please no.

“Gibbs…” Ziva whispered before she closed her eyes.
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